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Scarecrow Arkham Asylum Figurine
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Scarecrow Arkham Asylum Figurine

Scarecrow Arkham Asylum Figurine -

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Scarecrow Arkham Asylum Figurine

Available 28/10/2019

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Are you frightened to come out and confront your fears? Time to face your fears with this fantastic figurine of Scarecrow, a professional psychologist and biochemist who has finally joined the Batman Arkham Asylum Figurine Collection!

Scarecrow uses a fear toxin which is a hallucinogenic gas that brings up people’s deepest phobias to life and prepares to spread discord throughout Gotham City. The incredible Scarecrow Arkham Asylum Figurine has been carefully handcrafted in a 1/16th scale and would make an excellent addition to any room. This figurine captures Scarecrow wearing a rugged brown hooded top with stitches, carrying a hangman's rope around his neck and a syringe filled with his dangerous fear toxin.

Reveal the hidden secrets behind Scarecrow's toxic tonic and his evil plan to spread fear around Gotham City with this amazing 12-page glossy magazine.





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