Batman : Hush Part 2
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Batman : Hush Part 2

Batman : Hush Part 2 - Volume 2

Volume 2

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Batman : Hush Part 2
Batman : Hush Part 2
Batman : Hush Part 2
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DC Comics Hardback Graphic Novel Collection Hush Part 2.

Originally published in Batman #614-618, June-November 2003.

As the deadly game of cat and mouse between Batman and the mysterious villain Hush intensifies, Bruce Wayne must overcome his insecurities in order to save those closest to him. Unsure exactly who is behind the onslaught, Batman has to endure the death of a close friend and the desecration of Jason Todd’s grave while battling The Joker and Ra’s al Ghul. In the end will Batman be able to trust anyone?

Bonus material : DETECTIVE COMICS #33 Originally published in November 1939. Batman’s origin is told for the first time, as the young detective recalls the events that led to him becoming the Dark Knight and faces the evil Carl Kruger.

Hardback graphic novel with art by superstar creators plus classic back stories.




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