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Nightwing Figurine
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Nightwing Figurine

Nightwing Figurine - Issue 18 (Mag + Figurine)

Issue 18 (Mag + Figurine)

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Nightwing Figurine
Nightwing Figurine
Nightwing Figurine
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Batman's sidekick vigilante Nightwing will stand at Batman's side once more to fight the villains in the DC Comics Superhero Collection.

Once he was Robin, the Boy Wonder, plucked from the jaws of tragedy to become the sidekick to the Dark Knight himself, Batman. Then he grew up and spread his wings to become a crime fighter in his own right. This is the story of Nightwing.

This 9 cm tall Batman Nightwing figure depicts Nightwing with a sleek, blue-and-black costume while gripping his battle staffs ready to fight for justice. This DC Comics Figure is packaged in full-colour premium packaging ready to display.

Accompanied with a 16-page detailed booklet that provides a comprehensive history of Dick Grayson and a look at his adventures in DC Comics: The New 52.


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