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The Joker Figurine
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The Joker Figurine

The Joker Figurine - Issue 4 (Mag + Figurine)

Issue 4 (Mag + Figurine)

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The Joker Figurine
The Joker Figurine
The Joker Figurine
The Joker Figurine
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The Clown Prince of Crime is a homicidal psychopath responsible for countless deaths in Gotham and Batman’s most dangerous enemy. Presenting, the Joker figurine ready and waiting to be welcomed into your DC Comics Superhero Collection, are you brave enough!

This Joker figure is specially crafted in metallic resin to capture the detail of the Joker with his crazy green hair, his classic pinstriped purple suit while striking a unique pose with his cane.

Presented in premium packaging and we reveal the complete history of the Joker and his strangest crimes examined in your unique fact-based magazine


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