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The Penguin Figurine
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The Penguin Figurine

The Penguin Figurine - Issue 6 (Mag + Figurine)

Issue 6 (Mag + Figurine)

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The Penguin Figurine
The Penguin Figurine
The Penguin Figurine
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Welcome, Batman's greatest nemesis the master of foul play The Penguin part of the DC Comics Superhero Collection.

This Penguin figurine is hand-crafted by leading sculptors and master artisans. Capturing Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin wearing his pinstriped tuxedo, top hat, monocle, white gloves, and spats holding his high-tech umbrella that serves a specialised function. A mobster-type criminal, he fancies himself a "gentleman of crime".

Accompanied by a unique fact-based magazine updated with their DC Comics: New 52  that tells you everything you need to know about Gotham City's smartest criminal - the Penguin.


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