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Wonder Woman Figurine

Wonder Woman Figurine

Wonder Woman Figurine - Issue 3 (Mag + Figurine)

Issue 3 (Mag + Figurine)


Wonder Woman Figurine
Wonder Woman Figurine
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Brave, bold, beautiful and bulletproof! Wonder Woman has been DC’s most famous female superheroes for decades and is part of the DC Superhero Figurine Collection.

The First Lady of superheroes has been around almost as long as Superman, proving to generations of comics fans that, where superpowers are concerned, women are every inch the equal of men.

Easily the most powerful female superheroine the DC Universe, Wonder Woman combines the abilities of the ancient gods with the insight of a sophisticated, modern woman! Your Wonder Woman figurine dons her iconic costume of stars and stripes while holding her lasso of truth high in this stunning 9cm figurine.

Presented in exciting new premium packaging with a 16-page detailed booklet that provides a comprehensive history of your Amazon princess and a look at Wonder Woman’s adventures in DC Comics: The New 52.



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