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Drogon Dragon Model
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Drogon Dragon Model

Drogon Dragon Model - Online Exclusive

Online Exclusive

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Drogon Dragon Model
Drogon Dragon Model
Drogon Dragon Model
Drogon Dragon Model
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Strike fear into the hearts of anyone who crosses your path with this impressive Drogon Dragon Model!

The red & black dragon, Drogon, is a winged, fire-breathing weapon of war and joins the Game of Thrones Figurine Collection just in time! A terrifying creature, capable of devastating cities, naval fleets and entire armies with blazing dragon fire, Drogon is loyal to his ‘Mother’, the Targaryen heir, Daenerys.

Your hand-painted model depicts Drogon during his dramatic rescue of Daenerys from Daznak’s Pit in Meereen, saving the Queen when the Sons of the Harpy attack her in Season 5, Episode 9, ‘The Dance Of Dragons’. Drogon's gaping jaws, lined with razor-sharp teeth, are precisely replicated in miniature.

Product Details: 

  • Hand-painted for incredible detail depicting every detail of the veined, red and black wings, including the supporting bone structure.
  • Wingspan: 38 cm
  • Height: 8 cm

This Drogon Dragon figure is officially licensed and is perfect for any Game of Thrones fan!