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Tholian Starship (2152) Model

Tholian Starship (2152) Model

Tholian Starship (2152) Model - Issue 26

Issue 26


Tholian Starship (2152) Model
Tholian Starship (2152) Model
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Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection - Tholian Starship

Issue 26 introduces a vessel from one of Star Trek's more xenophobic alien races the Tholians. The compact 22nd-century Tholian Starship had space for just one occupant, but was surprisingly powerful. Its Mirror Universe counterpart was capable of weaving a confining web of energy filaments, memorably witnessed in The Original Series episode 'The Tholian Web'. The magazine looks at John Eaves bid to retro-out the original Matt Jefferies classic starship for its reappearance in Star Trek: Enterprise 35 years later, and the first attempt to realize the reclusive Tholians in detail.