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The Riddler Figurine (Batman Animated)

The Riddler Figurine (Batman Animated)

The Riddler Figurine (Batman Animated) - Issue 9 (Mag + Figurine)

Issue 9 (Mag + Figurine)


The Riddler Figurine (Batman Animated)
The Riddler Figurine (Batman Animated)
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Riddle me this, riddle me thus - who will be the next Batman Animated Series Figurine?  Continue your animated Batman collection with the criminal mastermind The Riddler Figurine. 

The Riddler, as seen in the award-winning Batman: The Animated Series joins The Joker, Scarecrow in the ranks of Batman's greatest foes. This incredible figurine of the unhinged Riddler captures a bold pose matching his bright confidence. He measures approximately 13 cm tall atop a base inspired by the show's famous logo. The Riddler dresses to impress! Seen in his in his green and purple tailored suit, the rogue also accessorises his appearance with a bowler hat, personalised tie, gloves and a signature cane.

Comes complete in retro-style blister packaging with a 12-page magazine where we look some of the most deadly gauntlets devised by Batman’s foes.

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