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Batman #25
Batman #25
Batman #25
Batman #25

Batman #25's 'Zero Year' Batmobile

Batman #25's 'Zero Year' Batmobile - Issue 67

Issue 67


Batman #25's 'Zero Year' Batmobile 1
Batman #25's 'Zero Year' Batmobile 2
Batman #25's 'Zero Year' Batmobile 3
Batman #25's 'Zero Year' Batmobile 4
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Batman Automobilia Collection - Batman #25's 'Zero Year' Batmobile.

This Batman Automobilia replica faithfully recreates the legendary vintage car from Batman: Zero Year. Batman’s mission to protect Gotham City was serious business, but that didn’t stop the novice vigilante from getting a rise – quite literally – out of his opponents, particularly the GCPD. The world-weary cops believed they’d seen everything – and so they were in for something of a shock when the Dark Knight drove his custom car along the roof of a tunnel to avoid a police cordon!.

This Batman scale replica is a perfectly reproduced scale model in die-cast. This model comes with its own unique display stand that features a 3D lenticular backdrop as well as a painted base, to recreate iconic moments from the Batmobile’s history. Includes a fascinating and informative 12-page magazine. 


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