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DC Comics Joker Bust

DC Comics Joker Bust

DC Comics Joker Bust - Issue 2 (Mag + Figurine)

Issue 2 (Mag + Figurine)


DC Comics Joker Bust
DC Comics Joker Bust
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Part 2 of the Batman Universe Collector’s Busts features Batman’s ultimate archenemy, the Joker.

This Joker Bust captures the Joker's distinctive dapper style, dressed in his iconic purple suit. The pose is taken from the final page of 2003’s Batman #613, as drawn by superstar artist Jim Lee, the sculpt shows the Clown Prince of Crime in his flamboyant suit with lethal lapel flower and brandishing his ‘pop’ gun. The Joker Bust brings this insane criminal mastermind to life in all his glory.  

The bust comes complete with a 16-page magazine packed with information about your bust, the character it represents, and over 75 years of DC comic book, TV, Video game, and Movie History.

Fans of the deliriously deranged Clown Prince of Crime are sure to find the Joker Bust an essential addition to their DC Comic collection!


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