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Superman #204 Tin Plate

Superman #204 Tin Plate

Superman #204 Tin Plate - Tin Plate 1

Tin Plate 1

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Superman #204 Tin Plate
Superman #204 Tin Plate
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Superman regarded as one of the most famous and popular comic book superheroes of all time! This fantastic DC Comics Superman tin plate from DC Comics Cover Collection features the artwork taken from the first issue in a 12-part saga ‘For Tomorrow’ by Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee.

The first in a 12-part Superman saga, ‘For Tomorrow’ begins a year after The Vanishing, when a million people had disappeared without explanation from the face of the planet, including the Man of Steel’s beloved Lois Lane. Off-Earth at the time of the crisis, Superman is tortured by guilt and left with many unanswered questions. He talks to a priest, Father Daniel Leone, in an attempt to confront his feelings of distress.

Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair deliberately reflected the layout they used with the Dark Knight perched on a Gotham City rooftop for the second printing of Batman #608.

Comes with a hole in each corner for easy hanging PLUS comes with a magazine that tells you the story behind the cover! The sign is a reproduction measuring 26cm x 17cm and is the perfect gift for any DC Comic Fan. 


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