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Catwoman: Selina
Catwoman: Selina
Catwoman: Selina
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Catwoman: Selina's Big Score

Catwoman: Selina's Big Score - Volume 28

Volume 28

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VOLUME 28 - SELINA’S BIG SCORE Originally published September 2002
A mob train full of unmarked cash. A crew of professional thieves to take it down. Selina Kyle figured it was the perfect crime. But Selina was wrong.

SLAM BRADLEY: TRAIL OF THE CATWOMAN Originally published in Detective Comics #759–762 August–November 2001

Hired to find Catwoman, Private Detective Slam Bradley’s only lead is the knowledge that she was responsible for the death of Selina Kyle.

BATMAN #1 Originally published in Spring 1940

When Robin goes undercover aboard The Dolphin, the mystery of a jewel theft leads him and Batman to their first encounter with the femme fatale known as The Cat.


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