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DC Comics Zatanna Figurine

DC Comics Zatanna Figurine

DC Comics Zatanna Figurine - Issue 59

Issue 59


DC Comics Zatanna Figurine
DC Comics Zatanna Figurine
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Continuing the lineup of DC Superhero Collection with a superheroine of DC Comics is a magical lady, the sorceress ZATANNA! 

While other heroes rely on strength or superpowers to change the world, this mystic maiden can alter reality with just a word. But as Zatanna has discovered, magical power always comes at a price. Mastery of magic earned this spellbinding hero a spot on the Justice League, the Sentinels of Magic, and the Seven Soldiers. 

This stunning Zatanna Figurine truly captures the magical Zatanna; she prepares to pull something out of her hat as she distracts you. The sorceress wears her classic black and white costume with high heeled boots, white gloves and holds her wand ready to cast a spell. 

Accompanied by a unique fact-based magazine updated with their DC Comics: New 52 that tells you everything you need to know about Zatanna and don't miss epic tales as she searches for her father the famous stage magician Giovanni “John” Zatara – and saves the world. 

This enchantress is ready to work her magic in your DC Comics collection. 


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