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Mister Miracle Figurine (Scott Free)

Mister Miracle Figurine (Scott Free)

Mister Miracle Figurine (Scott Free) - Issue 58

Issue 58


Mister Miracle Figurine (Scott Free)
Mister Miracle Figurine (Scott Free)
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Are you ready for a miracle in your DC Superhero Collection? It's Mister Miracle Figurine (Scott Free), despite a childhood of terror as the adopted son of Darkseid, Scott Free grew up to become the hero and escape artist extraordinaire, Mister Miracle.

Born a prince but raised a prisoner, Scott Free is a hero who truly knows the value of freedom. As Mister Miracle, he has proven that no trap or snare can contain his indomitable spirit.

This Classic Mister Miracle Figurine from the DC Universe is hand painted by skilled craftsmen and cast in a specially formulated resin capturing Miracle's costume based on Thaddeus Brown's.  His full-length green cape flows behind him and is attached with yellow fasteners. 

Accompanied by a unique fact-based magazine updated with their DC Comics: New 52 that tells you everything you need to know about Mister Miracle and don't miss two epic tales of Scott and his chosen successor.


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