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Two-Face Figurine 1
Two-Face Figurine 2
Two-Face Figurine 3

Two-Face Figurine

Two-Face Figurine - Issue 19

Issue 19


Two-Face Figurine 1
Two-Face Figurine 2
Two-Face Figurine 3
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Two-Face is one of Gotham City’s most tragic figures. Once he was the city’s heroic district attorney, now he is the latest villain to add to your DC Comics Super Hero Figurine Collection.

He is a schizoid criminal mastermind obsessed with opposites; your Two-Face figurine stands approx. 10 cm tall and features good old Harvey Dent with his acid-scarred face in his half black and half white suit holding his iconic coin - See what happens when you flip his coin!

Accompanied by a unique fact-based magazine updated with their DC Comics: New 52  that tells you everything you need to know about the tragic life of Harvey Dent and a look at the gangs of Gotham City. 


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