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Star Trek: The Landmark Crossover Buch (Hardcover)

Star Trek: The Landmark Crossover Buch (Hardcover) - Band 67

Band 67

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Star Trek: The Landmark Crossover Buch (Hardcover) 1
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The Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection Volume 67 features 'The Landmark Crossover'. An exciting crossover between THE NEXT GENERATION and DEEP SPACE NINE, presented by DC and Malibu Comics.

A mysterious force disrupts the passage through the Wormhole next to the Deep Space Nine, and the Federation dispatches the legendary Enterprise to investigate the disturbance. Captains Benjamin Sisko and Jean-Luc Picard need to work together to find the exact cause of the matter. The collaboration between DC and Malibu Comics provides a unique and intriguing perspective on the meeting of these two distinct sets of characters.

Product Features:

    • Hardback making it durable, prestigious and timeless.
    • Wild plots make this hardback book instantly appealing and has fantastic illustrations adding to the thrills!
    • This hardback novel is the perfect gift a safe option for making an impression for Star Trek fans.

This Star Trek: The Landmark Crossover Book will appeal to collectors and Star Trek fans of all ages.

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