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Aggedor Figurine

Aggedor Figurine - Special Edition 13 (Mag + Figurine)

Special Edition 13 (Mag + Figurine)


Aggedor Figurine 1
Aggedor Figurine 2

From the most excellent sci-fi TV series in the world comes the thirteenth Special Edition in the Doctor Who Figurine Collection – Aggedor!

The Doctor and Jo Grant are mistaken for delegates from Earth in the delicate negotiations in which the planet Peladon hopes to join the galactic federation. But the talks are in danger of collapsing with the delegates scared for their lives. Are the Ice Warriors to blame? Or is the mythical Aggedor responsible? 

Aggedor was created by writer Brian Hayles and fantastically brought to life by stuntman Nick Hobbs. You can discover how Aggedor was developed as the Doctor Who Figurine Collections travels all the way back to 1972 to find out just what went into this most memorable of monsters in our fact-packed special issue.

Standing over 13cm tall, we have recreated Aggedor to exacting standards, and our Aggedor figurine is an essential addition to the ever-growing collection.