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Dalek Prime Minister Model

Dalek Prime Minister Model - Special Edition 18 (Mag + Model)

Special Edition 18 (Mag + Model)


Dalek Prime Minister Model 1

From the greatest sci-fi TV series in the world comes the eighteenth Special Edition in the Doctor Who Figurine Collection: Dalek Prime Minister Special!

Kidnapped by the Daleks, the Doctor, Amy and Rory are taken to a spaceship that houses the Dalek Parliament. There they meet the Dalek Prime Minister who reveals they are above the Dalek Asylum, a planet where they send insane Daleks who are too dangerous to be let loose on the universe.

The shield that surrounds the earth has been compromised, and the Prime Minister wants the Doctor to stop these deadliest of Daleks escaping. We’ve seen many leaders of the Daleks, including the Emperor and Davros, but none are quite so evil as the Dalek Prime Minister who revels in the fact that the Daleks find beauty in hatred – and it’s perhaps why they can’t seem to kill the Doctor…

Standing at approximately 17 cm tall, we have recreated the Dalek Prime Minister to specific standards, and our figurine is another essential addition to the ever-growing collection.


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