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Sensorite Figurine

Sensorite Figurine

Sensorite Figurine - Issue 62

Issue 62


Sensorite Figurine
Sensorite Figurine
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Part 62 of the Doctor Who Figurine Collection goes way back to the black-and-white era of the First Doctor (William Hartnell) with a Sensorite from the 1964 story, 

The Sensorite figurine shows one of the Sensorite warriors that board the human spaceship that is being kept in orbit above the planet Sense-Sphere in the 1964 story The Sensorites.

The Sensortie has been sculptured by experts to capture every detail including the head as a bulbous to indicate their greater brain capacity and their telepathy. To further highlight their alien nature, the Sensorites were given oval feet. This figurine is a rare colour representation of the telepathic species that inhabited the Sense-Sphere.

The story of the Sensorites is unravelled in the accompanying magazine with behind-the-scenes info and the continuing history of the show Doctor Who.