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American Soldier
American Soldier

American Soldier's Watch 1910s

American Soldier's Watch 1910s - Issue 27

Issue 27

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American Soldier's Watch 1910s 1
American Soldier's Watch 1910s 2

Military Watch Collection American Soldier's Watch 1910s.

Your American soldier’s watch has many of the features that are important to troops in combat situations, such as large, skeleton type luminous hands and large luminous numerals from 1 to 12 outlined in red to aid legibility. Fastened with a classic brown moc croc leatherette strap and set in an antiqued metal case.

Comes with a 16 page magazine packed with detailed information on how the featured watch would have been used, as well as background information on watch design and the great watch manufacturers.
Your complete collectors’ guide to watches and their history.


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