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Australian Combat Diver
Australian Combat Diver

Australian Combat Diver's Watch

Australian Combat Diver's Watch - Special Edition 2 (Watch & Magazine)

Special Edition 2 (Watch & Magazine)

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Australian Combat Diver's Watch 1
Australian Combat Diver's Watch 2
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Military Watch Collection Special Edition Australian Combat Diver's Watch 1970s. 

This special issue features a global history of military diving covering centuries of endeavour, from the limitations of the human lung to the modern developments of aqualungs and wetsuits.  .

By the 1970s, watch design for underwater use was well advanced. Divers needed watches that were water resistant and able to withstand pressure to 100m below the surface, as well as being able to read the time in murky underwater conditions. An impressive timepiece that is easily legible in the dark and its chunky rotating bezel can be used with the thick gloves a diver would wear.


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