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Canadian Pilot’s Watch 1940
Canadian Pilot’s Watch 1940
Canadian Pilot’s Watch 1940

Canadian Pilot’s Watch 1940's

Canadian Pilot’s Watch 1940's - Issue 32

Issue 32


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Military Watch Collection Canadian Pilot’s Watch 1940s.

This superb collection brings you military-style wristwatches featuring the design elements most desired by land, sea and air forces from the early 1900s to the mid-1980s. In this issue receive your Canadian pilot’s watch, which has many of the features that are important to pilots in combat situations, such as large, luminous numbers and markers and a white dial to aid legibility.

Accompanied with a 16 page magazine, packed with detailed information on how the featured watch would have been used, as well as background information on watch design and the great watch manufacturers.

Your complete collectors’ guide to watches and their history.



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