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French Naval Diver Watch 1980s

French Naval Diver Watch 1980s

French Naval Diver Watch 1980s - Issue 21

Issue 21


French Naval Diver Watch 1980s
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Military Watch Collection French Naval Diver Watch 1980s.

The French naval diver’s watch with this issue has a rugged and robust appearance, similar to that of the watches issued to French naval divers in the 1980s. Your French naval diver’s watch incorporates many features that would have been important to divers, such as good legibility in low light. Set with a shining midnight blue bezel and dial with chic silver coloured detailing. Finished with a tan woven fabric strap.

Comes with a 16 page magazine packed with detailed information on how the featured watch would have been used, as well as background information on watch design and the great watch manufacturers. 


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