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Italian Diver Watch 1940s

Italian Diver Watch 1940s - Issue 5

Issue 5

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Italian Diver Watch 1940s 1
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Military Watch Collection Italian Diver Watch 1940s.

Your Italian diver’s watch incorporates many features that are important in underwater combat conditions. These include long, thin, luminous hour & minute hands and markers on a black face to enable divers to read the time quickly and accurately. With its deep brown leather strap, stainless steel round case, this watch completes your Italian drivers look perfectly.

Comes with a 16 page magazine packed with detailed information on how the featured watch would have been used, as well as background information on the watch design and the great watch manufacturers. Discover the Watchmakers of the World Swiss Company Breitling, the world’s only major watch brand to equip all its models with chronometer-certified movements.


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