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US Navy Diver Watch 1970s

US Navy Diver Watch 1970s

US Navy Diver Watch 1970s - Issue 19

Issue 19


US Navy Diver Watch 1970s
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Military Watch Collection US Navy Diver Watch 1970s.

The US Navy diver’s watch was a robust and reliable timepiece worn by naval commandos in the 1970s, this watch has many of the features that are important to troops in difficult combat situations, such as luminous hour markers with large triangle at 12 o’clock. Black dial to provide contrast with hands and markers and enhance legibility.  Finished with a grooved crown to
allow ease of winding and black webbing strap.

Comes with a 16 page magazine packed with detailed information on how the featured watch would have been used, as well as background information on watch design and the great watch manufacturers.

Your complete collectors’ guide to watches and their history.


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