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Bizarro Figurine

Bizarro Figurine

Bizarro Figurine - Issue 17 (Mag + Figurine)

Issue 17 (Mag + Figurine)


Bizarro Figurine
Bizarro Figurine
Bizarro Figurine
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Every superhero needs an opposite number, and Bizarro is the antithesis of the mighty Superman. A deeply confused and confusing individual, he wreaks havoc throughout the DC Comics Superhero Collection.

This hand-painted Bizarro figurine captures Bizarro with his chalky, pale complexion, and a misshapen face. Bizarro dons a costume identical to Superman's, with a reversed S-shield. He wears a medallion that says "Bizarro #1", in order to distinguish himself from the other Bizarros on Htrae. 

Comes with a 16-page detailed booklet that provides a comprehensive history of the character, updated with their exploits in DC Comics: New 52.



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