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Mr Freeze Figurine (Victor Fries)

Mr Freeze Figurine (Victor Fries)

Mr Freeze Figurine (Victor Fries) - Issue 60 (Mag & Figurine)

Issue 60 (Mag & Figurine)


Mr Freeze Figurine (Victor Fries)
Mr Freeze Figurine (Victor Fries)
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One of the most iconic villains in the DC world finally joins the DC Superhero Collection to plan his attacks on Batman and Gotham City.

Mr Freeze is a cold-blooded villain obsessed with getting revenge on Batman. However, beneath his icy exterior, Victor Fries is a tragic figure whose destiny was shaped by doomed love. 

This Mr Freeze Figurine is hand painted by skilled craftsmen and cast in specially formulated resin capturing him encased in his blue Cryo-Suit for survival. Armed with his iconic cold gun, ready to create gusts of cold that approach absolute zero.

Accompanied by a unique fact-based magazine updated with their DC Comics: New 52 that tells you everything you need to know about Mr Freeze Figurine (Victor Fries) and don't miss epic tales that delve into the origins of a tragic villain.

This super villain is ready to work up a freeze in your DC Comics collection. 


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