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Star Trek Spock Bust

Star Trek Spock Bust

Star Trek Spock Bust - Issue 2 (Mag + Figure)

Issue 2 (Mag + Figure)


Star Trek Spock Bust
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'Beam Me Up Scotty' – Pay homage to sci-fi icon Spock played by the late Leonard Nimoy with this impressive bust inspired by the human-Vulcan from the epic Star Trek.

Mr Spock was the First Officer of the starship Enterprise on its maiden voyage. Standing approximately 12 cm tall, this Star Trek bust recreates the iconic character in exquisite detail. Each precise detail from his stern look to his blue Starfleet uniform and his iconic Vulcan salute are captured in this astonishingly-detailed sculpt.

Mr Spock comes with a collector’s guide that profiles the character and the series they are from.

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