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Batman: Zero Year Part 2 Book

Batman: Zero Year Part 2 Book

Batman: Zero Year Part 2 Book - Volume 2

Volume 2


Batman: Zero Year Part 2 Book
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This excellent hardback book is the second part of Batam Zero to collect the stories of Batman, explaining how Bruce Wayne donned the cape and cowl for the first time and how the Dark Knight became Gotham City's most significant protector. 

The first image of Batman in the Zero Year storyline was intriguing. It showed the hero astride a steam-powered motorcycle, wearing ripped para-military attire, and armed with a lasso and a crossbow, as seen on the front cover of this hardback book. This tantalising image was a flash-forward. Now, over half a year later, it was about to be explained.

The story so far Gotham City had a new hero. Inspired by the bats that haunted the network of caves beneath his family mansion, Bruce Wayne had created a new identity – the Batman. With the Red Hood Gang’s crime wave seemingly at an end, Batman has to face the dual threat of Doctor Death and the Riddler. Aided by allies Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox, Batman faces a desperate battle to take back control of Gotham City power supply and stop the catacombs from being flooded. But will the memories that haunt Bruce Wayne help or hinder his vital mission?

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