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Catwoman 1
Catwoman 2


Catwoman - Issue 11

Issue 11


Catwoman 1
Catwoman 2
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Selina Kyle is a daring thrill seeker and cat burglar known as Catwoman

This Catwoman figurine is based on the famous 1990’s TV show Batman Animated Series and is a stunning model to add to your collection. Catwoman is shown in a poised, prepared stance. She wears her trademark mischievous expression while showing off the ill-gotten gains of another heist. Dressed in her iconic grey action suit, complemented by long black boots, and gloves with razor-sharp claws. A black mask conceals her identity, but a long bullwhip indeed keeps her enemies at bay! 

Comes complete in retro-style blister packaging with a 12-page magazine where we look in depth at former socialite Selina Kyle becomes a notorious cat burglar.