Catwoman '66 Bust

Catwoman '66 Bust - Issue 28

Issue 28


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The Catwoman '66 Bust is based on Julie Newmar's portrayal of the feline fatale in the classic Batman 1960s TV series. Catwoman is known for her numerous attempts of crimes as she steals a golden cat in her first appearance in the episode “The Purr-Fect Crime”. She even attempts to murder Batman and Robin when they follow her trail.

The Catwoman '66 Bust played by Julie Newmar decided to get her own pair of cats to acquaint herself with her feline side better. This 1:16 scale bust captures Julie Newmar wearing a stunning metallic bodysuit with pure gold jewelry to complement her outfit.

This iconic bust is accompanied by a full-color 16-page magazine packed with in-depth information about your Catwoman '66 Bust plus a snapshot of two other actresses who also played the role of Catwoman.



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