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The Riddler
The Riddler

The Riddler '66 Bust

The Riddler '66 Bust - Issue 29

Issue 29


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The Riddler '66 Bust is based on Frank Gorshin's take on the villain in the first season of the classic Batman 1960s TV series. The Riddler was an enemy of Batman who committed numerous crimes with an obsession for riddles. He was the first villain in the very first episode of the TV show.

The Riddler was played by Frank Gorshin recorded a pop single called 'The Riddler' which was released in 1966 and earned the Batman TV show its only Emmy nomination for the 'Best Supporting Actor in a comedy'. This 1:16 scale bust captures Frank Gorshin wearing a fabulous green turtle neck top imprinted with a question mark, a purple waistband with gloves and mask. 

This iconic Riddler '66 Bust is accompanied by a full-color 16-page magazine packed with in-depth information about your bust plus a snapshot of some of the other villains from the TV show.