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Baseship (TOS) 1
Baseship (TOS) 2
Baseship (TOS) 3

Baseship (TOS)

Baseship (TOS) - Issue 5

Issue 5


Baseship (TOS) 1
Baseship (TOS) 2
Baseship (TOS) 3
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The Cylon Baseship was an ominous opponent for Colonial Warriors with its range of powerful weapons, Cylon fleet and shielding capabilities. The double saucer-shaped ship of the Cylon Alliance was a warship of immense proportions, crewed by Centurion troops under the ultimate command of the Imperious leader.

The ship comes complete with a 16-page collector’s magazine providing an in-depth profile of the ship, exclusive behind the scenes articles, original design sketches, and an interview with the series developer, Ronald D. Moore.