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Azal the Dæmon Special Edition

Azal the Dæmon Special Edition - Special Edition

Special Edition


Azal the Dæmon Special Edition 1
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The Doctor was watching an archaeology television program when he suddenly realizes that everyone there is in terrible danger. Underneath the ‘Devil’s Hump’ is a long-dormant creature with unimaginable powers – and the Doctor’s archenemy, the Master, is out to get them for himself.

Azal, the last of the Dæmons, was created by Doctor Who’s producer, Barry Letts, and writer Robert Sloman, but brilliantly brought to life by Stephen Thorne, whose booming voice and stature were perfect for this terrifying creation. You can discover how Azal was developed as we go all the way back to 1971 to uncover just what went into this great monster in our fact-backed special issue.

Standing approximately 6.3 inches tall, Azal the Dæmon was recreated to exacting standards; a valuable addition to the ever-growing figurine collection.