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Citroën 2CV (For Your Eyes Only)

Citroën 2CV (For Your Eyes Only) - Issue 7

Issue 7


Citroën 2CV (For Your Eyes Only) 1
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The Citroën 2CV was featured in For Your Eyes Only as Bond's makeshift escape vehicle. The model was inspired from the scene where Bond and Melina are forced to make their escape through winding roads and steep-sloping olive groves. During the chase, the ultra light 2CV tips over but was quickly brought onto its wheels by Bond. This bright yellow model will add an amusing touch to your shelves with its notable setting.

Every issue of Bond In Motion features a new 1:43 scale die-cast model in a specially-recreated scene from one of the films in the Bond Franchise. The models include all the gadgets and weapons you’d expect and have been carefully researched right down to the number plates.