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Bullseye (Villain Pawn)

Bullseye (Villain Pawn) - Issue 28 (Magazine + Figurine)

Issue 28 (Magazine + Figurine)

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Marvel Chess Collection Bullseye (Black Pawn).

Bullseye has been a killer all his life – but has also often found himself a pawn in the hands of other, more cunning villains. Playing the part of the Black Pawn, hand painted and highly detailed.  From the Kingpin to Norman Osborn, Bullseye has killed to further the plans of his bosses.

Bullseye’s been involved in some of Marvel’s deadliest stories – and these killer tales are three of the best, detailed in the 16 piece magazine.

One of the most feared assassins in the Marvel Universe; will he be feared on the board?


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