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The Orcs Set 1
The Orcs Set 2
The Orcs Set 3

The Orcs Set

The Orcs Set - Shop Exclusive

Shop Exclusive

$29.95 $26.95

The Orcs Set 1
The Orcs Set 2
The Orcs Set 3
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Join the most impressive villains the Orcs Azog, Bolg, Narzug and Yazneg from The Hobbit with this special edition Orcs box set for the avid collector. These official figurines reproduce the filmmakers' vision in loving 1:25 scale, with incredible attention to detail from the patterns in the cloth to the runes on the weapons and beautifully crafted in metallic resin and hand painted.

Each Orc figurine is accompanied by a 12 page richly illustrated booklet that provides all essential information on each character and his miniature reproduction, accompanied from official photographs provided by the production of the film.